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"I was searching for a new local dentist and found Radiant Smile’s website and decided to go to Dr. Vaghei for a cleaning and exam. I was very impressed with her and had a really pleasant experience. I have also brought all four of my children ranging in age from 7-12 to see Dr. Vaghei at Radiant Smiles. She was completely professional and comforting to my children. Dr. Vaghei performed a full examination and cleaning on all of them and in addition filled a cavity on my older daughter. It was a very positive experience for all of them and they didn’t complain of any discomfort. The office was very clean and had all high tech up-to-date equipment. I would highly recommend Dr. Vaghei for children and adults."
- D.L., Wayne NJ

"I’m over 65 years old and had a lower denture with metal supports provided by my previous dentist. In less than two years the metal support broke off so I decided to get a second opinion before proceeding with any treatment. My visit to Radiant Smiles was the best dental experience I have had. I found Dr. Vaghei and her staff to be very kind and caring, taking the time to offer me with various options and answering all of my questions. I got a new lower denture without any metal supports which looks more natural and is more comfortable. I have been getting lots of complements about my new teeth and feel more confident overall about my smile. Thanks Dr. V."
- B.O., Wayne NJ


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At Radiant Smiles our patients are the priority! Our mission is to communicate with our patients, listen to their questions, and then together make a decision regarding a comprehensive and customized treatment just for them. 


Patient Testimonials: